Are you preparing for Hogmanay in the Highlands, where the kilts are swinging, the bagpipes are skirlin’ and the haggis is donning its party hat?   Give us a call and we’ll be delighted to collect you from any airport or train station in Scotland and transport you to your highland accommodation.

If Inverness is your destination – the capital will come alive on Hogmanay with a parade through the city, led by Pyro Celtica and Harbinger Drumming Group, followed by the Red Hot Highland Fling – an outdoor Ceilidh and fireworks at the Northern Meeting Park. But wherever you’ll be on Hogmanay – here’s our guide to the perfect celebration:

Kilted Countdown: Forget counting down the clock at a glittering ball. Here in the Highlands, we have the kilted countdown. Each second towards midnight is marked by the swish of a sporran and the flash of tartan. It’s the only New Year’s countdown where wardrobe malfunctions are not just expected …. but actively encouraged.

Tartan Ensemble: Embrace your inner Vivienne Westwood and enjoy being part of the tartan fashion show, where every pattern, colour and combination is not only accepted, but celebrated. It’s the one night a year when clashing checks, plaid and tartan really are a mark of sartorial elegance.

Bagpipe Pibroch: Be serenaded by a haunting pibroch on the bagpipes as the clock strikes twelve. It’s a magical experience – especially as bagpipes are the only instrument that can simultaneously start a celebration and scare away evil spirits at the same time. Earplugs optional.

Ceilidh Dancing: No Hogmanay celebration would be complete without a Ceilidh. No need to worry if you’re not sure of the steps. The only rule is to have fun and not accidentally swing your partner across the room. Just remember: if in doubt, spin about and shout ‘heeuch’.

Resolutions 2024: When making New Year’s resolutions, keep it real. Instead of vowing to climb every Munro in 2024, aim for something achievable like mastering the art of eating haggis without making a face. Baby steps.

So, get ready to welcome the New Year in the Highlands – where the laughter is as hearty as the haggis, the kilts are swirlin’ and the dance floor is calling your name.   Slàinte mhath to a Hogmanay you’ll never forget! #www.scotland-inverness.co.uk